1. Your name is Jeff. What's all this Zeferino business?

That's exactly what it is. I chose to name my business after the Hispanic version of the name Jeffrey, which my Mexican father would sometimes call me when I was a kid.

2. Why the mask?

Luche Libre. Latino connection aside, I believe the Luche ably represents all that a freelancer should be: It's not important for people to know who I am. Only that once I'm in the ring, I kick ass, take names and help agencies and clients be victorious. I just happen to do it with superior writing skills. Hence, the pencil.

3. What have you done?

Having spent a good chunk of my career in Chicago, like many of my comrades, I've spent a lot of time with packaged goods clients. Unlike many of my comrades, my packaged goods work has been feted at Cannes and The Effies, simultaneously. No small task. Take a good look at the work. You'll see that good thinking is good thinking; whether for sports networks, entertainment, electronics, financial or yes, even packaged goods.

4. What else can you tell me?

Born in Chicago, I believe there's no greater way to spend a summer day than to heckle my horrible and beloved Cubs from a seat within earshot. No greater way to spend a winter day than on a beach in Mexico. Everyone should listen to more Blues. And eat more tacos al pastor. I'm likely the only NCAA champion you'll ever sit in a meeting with. Billy Wilder was a genius. But in a much different way than Peter Griffin. I make a mean osso buco.

5. Blah, blah, blah. Do you have a resume? Claro que si! Click here.

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